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Aug 27
“Honor does not have to be defended.” Robert Sawyer (via hypersexualgirl)

“A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.” Paulo Coelho (via alltheextrastuff)

(via alltheextrastuff)

Aug 26
“Not admitting a mistake is a bigger mistake.” Robert Half (via hypersexualgirl)

Aug 25

Aug 24


I hate that we can’t delete a post for good.

There’s a bunch of nasty guys reblogging and saying dirty things on my pictures.

I really just wish I would’ve never posted pictures of myself at all.

Since those are your pics, you hold the rights to them. As such, tumblr will take them down upon request. To quote from the tumblr DMCA PAGE: “If you originally posted the work on Tumblr … and have later seen it re-posted …, you should email abuse@tumblr.com …”

“Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.” Oliver Cromwell (via hypersexualgirl)

Aug 23
“Imagination is the eye of the soul.” Joseph Joubert (via hypersexualgirl)

Aug 22


Common wisdom has it that Tumblr is filled mostly with people in their  teens and early twenties. I keep seeing people talk about being “older than the average” Tumblr user and naturally, that makes me curious to know, well, how old is the average Tumblr user, really? Fortunately, other people are interested in this, too, and have already done some surveys. This data comes from Google Doubleclick Ad Planner data that has been available to advertisers. It is from 2012, but it probably hasn’t changed significantly since then. This data came from the United States only, and the demographics may vary somewhat in other countries. 

Tumblr skews toward the younger end of the social media world, but the average age of Tumblr users is actually 34.6 years old. This is only a little bit younger than the average age for social media users as a whole (36.9). The youngest Tumblr users (0-24) are about 30% of total, while the next two groups (25-44) look like added together they’re a bit over 40%. Another website breaks down the same Ad Planner age data a bit differently and shows that people over 35 are 47% of Tumblr users. (13-17=8%; 18-34=45%). Compared to Facebook, where 66% of users are over 35, Tumblr definitely has a younger set of users. The average age, however, is still around going to be around 34 years old. No matter how you slice it,Tumblr is younger than most other social media sites, but not as young as you might think it is.

In terms of gender, the surveys only gathered data on male and female.Tumblr has 62% women, a fairly higher amount of women than Facebook (57%). but not nearly as much as Pinterest or Blogger.

So, while it’s fair to say that Tumblr is a more “youthful” site than most other social media sites, the idea that the “average” Tumblr user is in the youngest age group is incorrect.

I’m extremely curious about all this and this is my first inquiry into the topic. I haven’t even looked into the academic literature yet. So this is sort of a first look. I’ll definitely post about it when I find a properly designed, peer reviewed and published survey on the matter.

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